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Welcome to informations - Responsible travel !

The key to any enjoyable vacation is to always respect the culture and customs of your host country. No matter how good your intentions are remember that you are a guest. In Cambodia it is particularly important to be aware of the following advice.
  • Refuse to buy wildlife and wildlife products. Protect wildlife for our world.
  • Respect holy places. Preserve what you have to see. Never touch or remove religious objects. Please do not buy antique Buddhas or other sacred items support local craftsmen by purchasing quality handicrafts. Take off your shoes when visiting temples or entering villagers house.
  • Embrassing, kissing and bugging in public areas is inappropriate behavior and considered very offensive.
  • Bathing nude in public place is impolite.
  • In Cambodia the HEAD is sacred or high, and the FEET is low. using your feet for anything other than walking or playing sport is generally considered rude. Touching someone's as head is impolite.
  • Leave plants to flourish in their natural environment. Taking cutting seeds and roots is illegal.
  • Be sensitive to the ethnic traditions and respect places of worship.
  • Ask for permission before taking a photograph of Cambodian people.
  • Always respond to a smile with a smile.
  • Don’t litter. Please throw trash in the bins provided.
  • Don’t collect rare or endangered plants and wildlife. Help us to protect the nature.
  • Sex tourism is a crime in Cambodia and will be punished by law.
  • Holding hands or kissing in public are disliked by local people.
  • The use of drugs is prohibited.
  • Try eating delicious local food whenever you can. It helps local businesses and local farmers.



ARTICLE 1: The objective of this law is to suppress acts of kidnapping of human beings for trafficking and exploitation in order to increase the respect of good national tradition, protect the dignity of human beings, health and the welfare of the people.

: Kidnapping of human persons for trafficking, prostitution or exploitation inside and outside of the Kingdom of Cambodia, shall be strictly prohibited. 

ARTICLE 3: Any person who lures a human being, male or female, minor or adult of whichever nationality by ways of enticing or by any other means, promising to offer any money or jewelry, with or without the person's consent, by ways of forcing, threatening or using of hypnotic drugs, in order to kidnap him/her for trafficking or prostitution shall be subjected to imprisonment from ten (10) to fifteen (15) years.
Shall be punishable to imprisonment from fifteen (15) to twenty (20) years. if such victim is a minor person of less than 15 years old.
Those who is/are accomplice(s), trafficker(s), buyer(s), shall be subjected to the same punishment as the perpetrator(s).
Shall also be considered as accomplices, those who provide money or means for committing such offense.
All means of transportation, materials and properties which are used during the commission of such offense, shall be seized as State's properties.

ARTICLE 4: Shall be considered as a pimp (male or female) or head of the prostitutes, any person:

1. who supports or protects one or more persons, by whichever means, with advance knowledge of the act of prostitution of such person(s) or seeks customers for such person(s) for the purpose of prostitution, or
2. who regularly shares the benefits obtained from the prostitution acts of any form, or
3. who takes men or women by whatever means, for training and convincing then to become male or female prostitutes, or
4. who acts as an intermediary by whatever form, to establish relationships between male and female prostitutes, or with the head / owner of a brothel or with a person who benefits from prostitution of others, or
5. who confines men or women in his/her house or any place, for a purpose of forcing them to commit prostitution to earn money for him/her.

: Any male or female pimp or head/owner of a brothel who commits offenses as stated in the above article shall be punishable to imprisonment from five (5) to ten (10) years.
For repeated offenses, the above punishment shall be applied twice.
Shall be subjected to punishment to imprisonment from ten (10) to twenty (20) years, if a pimp:

1. commits an offense onto a minor person of below 15 years old.
2. commits an offense by force, violence or threats or weapon, or
3. who is as a husband, wife, boy/girl friend, father or mother or guardian. who forces a man or woman to commit prostitution, or
4. force a victim to commit prostitution outside of he country or a victim who is a foreigner to commit prostitution when he/she arrived on the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
The court may apply sub-punishment on restricting that person's civil rights and impose a ban on his(her) stay, in addition to the above main punishment.

: Accomplices or those who attempt to commit offenses as stated in Articles 4 and 5 above shall be subjected to the same punishment as the perpetrator.

ARTICLE 7: Any person who opens a place for committing a debauchery or obscene acts, shall be punishable to imprisonment from one (1) to five (5) years and with a fine of from five million (5,000,000) Riels to thirty million (30,000,000) Riels. For repeated offenses, the above punishment shall be applied twice. 

: Any person who commits debauchery acts onto a minor person of below 15 years old, even though there is his(her) consent or upon the purchase of such minor person from someone else or from a head/owner of a brothel shall be subjected to punishment to imprisonment from ten (10) to twenty (20) years. For repeated offenses, the above punishment shall be applied twice.
The court may apply sub-punishment on restricting that person's civil rights and impose a ban on his(her) stay, in addition to the above main punishment.

ARTICLE 9: Detailed implementing regulations for the application of this law shall be determined by Sub-decree.
ARTICLE 10: Any provisions contrary to this law shall be hereby repealed.
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