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Welcome to attractions - Dei Ey Community Homestay !

Dei Ey lies on road 76 from Sen Monorom to Kho Ngek district. And is 46 km from Sen Monorom. Dei Ey lays in the corridor zone of Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary and Mondulkiri Protected Forest.

The area around Dei Ey is rich in scenery with extensive forest of bamboo and semi-evergreen forest.

In cooperation with the community WWF is facilitating the development of Ecotourism in the area to create an additional livelihood and raise awareness to conserve the biodiversity in the area.


According to the villagers Dei Ey was founded in 1914 with the name Ta Bo village. This group was 1 kilometre south of the present location. In that time people built houses in two rows along the road which was connected from Sen Monorom to Kho Nek.

In 1919, the French camped at that place and they changed the name from Ta Bo village to Dei Ey. During 1970s, this area became a battlefield between revolutionists and Khmer Republic soldiers. From 1972-1975, the area suffered from the bombs from American air troops that made the villagers living in Dei Ey flee to the other places such as to Keo Seima district, Krang Teh subdistrict, Srei Tom village in Kho Nek district and some to Vietnam.

In 1988, there were around 300 troops of Brigade N.88 camping in Dei Ey till 1993, then they changed their name to Brigade N.2. At the same time, there were 15 provincial police officers settling there. Until 1999 those soldiers and police officers were forced to leave Dei Ey and sent to border 103 which was along Cambodia-Vietnam territories. From 1989-1992 people started to move back to this area but there was not enough security.

In 1993 there were 7 families living in this village. From 1995-2007 this area was safe enough and people came to live and do some farming. Also, the government built schools, educated about the law, and developed the place and improve their living standard. At the same time, the population increased remarkably and the new comers especially Cham and Khmer who were from Kompong Cham, Kompong Thom, Prey Veng, Ta Keo, Svay Reang and Kratie province. In 2008, there were 118 families, in total 490 people with 241 females.

The Community homestay in Dei Ey

The community homestay consists of 4 bedrooms with 2 beds each, with a maximum of 8 beds. The women from the ecotourism group provide additional facilities, such as laundry service. The design and construction of the facilities and services are environmentally friendly. Solar power is used to generate electricity making it resource and energy efficient.

The community homestay is positioned to create a unique experience for tourists in the largest part of dry forest in South- East Asia. The possibility of seeing a number of rare and large endangered fauna exists when going on a trek in the forest. These include leopard, gaur, banteng and green peafowl.

There are also opportunities to participate in and experience community and cultural life amongst the people living on the edges of the forest.


Tourism activities

    1 or 2 day forest trekking with local guide. Sleep along the O’ Chba river.
    A 3-day mountain bike trek starting from Sen Monorom, passing several indigenous villages and crossing through semi evergreen, dry forest and bamboo forest. Tours can be organized via vicious cycle/grasshopper adventure in Phnom Penh or by renting a mountain bike from the Green house in Sen Monorom.
    Do a 2 hour workshop to learn more about the weaving techniques and colours from the weaving ladies in Dei Ey.
    Round tour through the village. Learn more about the livelihoods of the people, visit the school or the rice fields and see how people live.

Prek Toal Lake
Prek Toal Lake
Welcome to detail Dei Ey Community Homestay

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